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Spring fitness tips from Chris’s Corner

Spring is in the pollen-filled air and for a lot of people, running outdoors in the Spring is a double-edged sword. Southern Utah is home to plenty of trails and breath-taking landscapes. With our terrain comes all sorts of grass and tree pollens that make allergy sufferers miserable. If you’re like me, I take whatever measures I can to mitigate the inevitable watery eyes and sneezes.

Before a run, I flush my sinuses with a saline nasal wash. This ensures my sinuses are healthy and able to ward off as much pollen as possible. Also, don’t forget to inspect your running shoes. If you’re a trail runner, it’s important to have shoes that give your feet stability and yet are light and comfortable. I prefer Solomon Speedcross 4 shoes, but they’re lots of other good options out there. The important thing is to not buy solely based on price. Spare your feet and knees and get the best you can. Good luck out there on the streets and trails and safe running.

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