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Needing information and entertainment when visiting Southern Utah?  Tune in and let us share some of the most exciting people, places and things we find! Hear from various industries, that include, dining, fitness, health and wellbeing, entertainment, travel, and so much more.

We are primarily a travel and information resources help show but also share with the public: up-to-date real estate statistics, new listings, sales trends and buying opportunities. From building a new home to interior design, we showcase the very best in Southern Utah.

In addition to a variety of programming our host Monica Morrison has a passion for many subjects and has practiced real estate for over 27 years. She is a media veteran, producer and former radio talk show host. Currently, she is the host of several podcast shows including Southern Utah Podcast.

Monica and her team are licensed to sell and represent buyers in several locations and states in the western United States including Utah, California and Nevada. Her listings are featured on iTunes, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, Google Play and various media outlets including the upcoming Southern Utah Magazine.

Brought to you by Southern Utah Luxury Estates and the Entertainment Podcast Network.

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